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Does anyone else take Topomax?

How have your results been?

  1. Hey there ,
    Thanks for your question! As you wait for possible feedback from the community regarding their experiences with Topamax, I just wanted to share a thread of some conversations within our forums page - It is of course also always important to remember that everyone responds to treatments differently.

    Thanks again for reaching out & always feel free to do so! 😀
    -Joanna ( Team)

    1. Hi Sharon,
      I take Topamax as a preventative. It is helpful to me, although not a cure all. I primarily take it to manage the pain from my Trigeminal neuralgia but it helps with the migraines as well. Side effects: It is commonly known for making people sleepy. I had the opposite reaction, I was so wired I couldn't sleep. I literally was sleeping two hours a night, instead of my usual eight to nine. I also could not stop talking. These two side effects leveled out as I was on the medication for a while. I did experience the weight loss that is commonly spoken of as a "good" side effect. This was because I had no appetite and unless there was an outside reminder,such as a co-worker saying "lunch" I forgot to eat. On days off I would realize I hadn't eaten all day at six in the evening when I was trying to figure out why I was so cranky. I did not experience the "dumbing down" effect that has been reported, but I have seen it first hand. One of my my friends was prescribed Topamax and not only did she get stupid, her behavior was that of an obnoxious drunk; loud, unaware, and completely socially inappropriate. Classic example of the term "Dopomax". Once she stopped taking it she was bake to normal with in 24 hours. I hope this information is helpful.

      1. I take Topamax, I have been on as high a 200 mg a day. I use it mainly for my Bipolar Disorder, with the "migraine relief" as a secondary benefit. I will tell you that I did go through a Dopamax phase and that it works wonders for my Bipolar, but it is useless for my migraines. My neurologist increased the dose to "double check" and nothing. I would encourage you to try it and not be afraid of the side effects, I adjusted very quickly and I'm on a pretty high dose. With migraines, anything' worth a shot, right?

        1. Does the Topamax make you drowsy at that dose? (200 Mg.)? I only take 100mg. in the evening and I am so sleepy in the afternoon. I have a Migraine at least every 3 days that lasts about 2-3 days. They are not as severe with the Topamax . I'm wondering if I increased the dose if they might come less often?? But would I be even more drowsy? Just curious.

      2. Sorry Sharon for the late reply, I've had a horrible "migraine month". It doesn't make me drowsy at all, I've actually been on a higher dose. BUT, I am on a lot of meds, my husband often jokes the doses I take of certain things could "kill a horse". I suppose I've also built up a tolerance.

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