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My migraine started from 2006, from normal headaches to chronic migraine. symptoms and triggers from pain on one side, stiff muscles on the neck, too much light, sharp noise, strong smell, pressure in blood veins at thee temples to the eye, nausea, sensitive to radiation, weather changes to every other trigger. I tried everything but few remedies would work. Few of those that worked for me included strong vitamins, i also tried several herbal medicine but they did work. In 2011 i took some herb that is used to remove bile and excessive mucus from the gut through vomiting, i then took a combination of three herbs and within hours of taking it, i was feel something change in my right side of my stomach. I was completely healed of migraine and i could not get tired for two months even after excessive workout. For me its a miracle

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  1. Hi Kosegei,

    I'm happy to hear you've seen a reduction in your migraine frequency. There is no "cure" for migraine disease at the moment and herbs of any type will not permanently get rid of them.

    Thank you for sharing your story with us.


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