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Treatment with Himalyan Crystal Salt

Recently got hold of a very interesting post regarding instant relief with Himalyan Crystal Salt, please take a look
I cannot find this type of salt here in Denmark, but if someone of you have access to this type of salt than can you please post your experience here?

  1. Hi danwinther,

    I've not had any experience with this, but unfortunately can tell you that any type of salt will not abort a migraine attack. Abortives such as triptans or ergotamine are the only things that stop the migraine process. Here is information on abortives;


    1. To me this looks looks like it's making yourself a natural electrolyte drink. Gatorade is electrolytes but also full of nasty chemicals so I don't touch the stuff. A natural/organic electrolyte recipe is basically himalyan sea salt and lemon - you would want to add honey or maple syrup as a sweetener (not sugar or agave or any chemical sweetener as these can cause headaches). And electrolytes are known to help headaches so this study makes sense. But usually they prescribe Gatorade (bleh) One thing that I have found that has helped is something I call my "power juice" which is watermelon and coconut water - both full of natural electrolytes. I should add himalayan salt and lemon into that too....makes perfect sense.

      Edit to add: If you use watermelon juice in a juicer - make sure you juice the rind too as that is where all the vitamins and minerals are and since you're juicing the rind make sure you get an organic watermelon and if you can't find that, clean your melon off well before juicing.

      1. Actually, some people do get migraine relief with salt! Its a rare trigger, but for some people, having a LOW salt level in the body is a migraine trigger. You can use fancy Himalayan salt if you want, but licking potato chips also works. If you are one of these people, salt will abort a migraine, sometimes even in the later stages.

        BTW, there are tons of things that can abort a migraine. The term "abortive medication" is used by doctors to describe medicines that are taken when the symptoms start. They include the two classes mentioned above, but they also include NSAIDS, caffine, muscle relaxants, etc. My doc just started me on a barbiturate as an abortive. There are also non-medical abortives, like putting ice on the back of your head and the good-old nap in a dark room therapy.

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