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Trigger, bright light in the eyes

Over the years I recall a bright light flashing in my eyes seemed occasionally to trigger the eye aura and beginning migraine. Today (4/1/2011), my desk light flashed into my eyes, triggered the eye aura that quickly progressed into a very light migraine over my left temple. It pretty much went away in a couple of hours. This is the first in many years.

  1. Undecontrol,

    It's always wonderful to hear when someone has found a good way to manage their Migraines. Unfortunately there is no cure yet, and even management can be difficult for many. Each patient is different and each attack will be different as well. I'm just glad to see that you seem to be faring well overall so far.

    Any changes recently that may have triggered this last attack?

    1. Thanks for the question. I think what set me up to get that recent migraine was that in recent weeks I have been going through an emotional difficulty and had been neglecting it. I had pretty much forgotten about getting migraines then in recent weeks a young relative had a bad migraine and that put me to researching the subject, including my favorite medical counsel, Dr. John E. Sarno, and I signed in to this www site. It is like I’ve been thinking so much about migraines that I was just too ready to get one when the bright light hit me in the eyes and it progressed so rapidly. Perhaps I have been too confident that searching for repressed emotions would turn off an oncoming migraine but it had been working well for me.

      1. undercontrol, as you realize, repressed emotions can be damaging to us mentally and physically. However, that said, repressed emotions did not give us Migraine Disease. It may act as a trigger that gets one going from time to time, but it's more likely that there are other triggers that you haven't yet identified that may play a part here. Thankfully you went for a long time without an attack, and it may certainly be because you have become so attuned to your mental and emotional needs, thereby eliminating that trigger. Educating yourself on the range of possible triggers may help you in the future as your Migraine pattern may change in reaction to those triggers as they pop up. What triggers us today may not have been a trigger years ago. Thus is the nature of the Migraine Beast.

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