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Trigger Point Injections

Nothing controls my migraines/headaches. Even Botox only lasts about a month and it doesn't take them away, it only decreases the severity. I recently had trigger point injections done because my insurance will only cover Botox once every 3 months and I couldn't hold out until my next appt. The TPI didn't even help a whole week. These are not nerve block injections - which didn't help me at all - I believe this was Lidocaine with a small amount of Botox. My question is, can these TPI's be given weekly? I don't see anything online about people getting it on a weekly basis and/or if it would help to get them weekly. Thanks.

  1. I am not sure about TPI every week, but I am wondering about dry needling? Have you ever considered that? I know that can be done more frequently and some patients do respond favorably to it.

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