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Triptan throat tightening effect

I know the triptans can cause a tight throat feeling in some people. I am one of those people. Has anyone who also gets this side effect found a triptan that doesn't do it? Or does it much less?

Naratriptan did it the most for me (plus a tight jaw as well), however it worked great and killed the migraine every time and it wouldn't come back for 12-14 days.

The doctor suggested Relpax to see if it had less side effects. But Relpax is also giving me the throat tightening. Maybe a little bit less? It kills the migraine quickly, however the migraine ends up coming back the next day for one more day. (I have two migraines per month, 2-3 days each time. Hormones.)

Sumatriptan just didn't work and felt terrible.


  1. Hi DisMom,

    Thank you for sharing on our forum! We are glad you are a part of our community at I am sorry to hear you are experiencing side effects from your medication. It sounds uncomfortable and must be quite frustrating to not have found a medication that works for you without experiencing side effects. While I hope community members will chime in and share their experiences with triptans, I thought you would find this article helpful - It shares information about triptans and provides a list of medications towards the bottom, in which you can research each specific medication. Apologies in advance if it is redundant to information you already have, as it does sound like you are very familiar with various triptans. Also, here is a link to our overall migraine treatment page - Perhaps it will be helpful to review all differing forms of migraine attack treatments and then discuss with your doctor. There are number of prescription, OTC, and natural remedies, which you may find helpful. Again thank you for your sharing your post! Please reach out to us at any point when needed. We are happy you are here and love hearing from you. Wishing you all the best.


    Meaghan ( Team)

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