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Triptans: Breath-Powered Intranasal Sumatriptan Dry Powder

Has anyone tried this new form of triptan? their doctor mention it?

I have tried triptans before, and nothing really ever worked to my liking. I am taking Topamax for migraines, Neurontin for Occipital Neuralgia, MigRelief (herbal supplements), and a muscle relaxer when needed for all of my nagging issues at a mere 20+ years old. I am also receiving Botox, which seems to be working (only two rounds down). However, I would love to get off of Topamax as I am still in school.
Many people take Triptans in the form of pills and shots, which work like a charm, and quite frankly I'm jealous. When I get a migraine I generally have no relief because the singular triptan that has worked (Frova) I've been allergic to.
I recently talked to my neurologist about doing a rundown of sorts through my medical history. We talked about trying to see if something we tried previously might work differently now, seeing as how I was in my mid teens when I first started getting them. I don't know how that would work, and quite frankly it is a little nerve wracking changing something around that has become somewhat of a comfort (Topamax). With as many triptans as there are out there, and as many flat-out medications they use to remedy migraines there has to be something else.

Best/Worst Experience with Triptans...?

  1. Hi migrainyday,

    Thank you for your question and being part of the discussion forum!

    Yes! I've used Onzetra (samples from my migraine specialist) and it actually worked! The instructions are easy as is the delivery system. The taste is unpleasant, but if it stops a migraine, that's OK with me. Unfortunately, my insurance company won't pay for it until I try Zomig nasal, and sumatriptan nasal. I think Onzetra is a good option.

    Take a look at this article for more information;


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