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Triptans Leading to Increased Migraine Frequency

I am observing an upswing in my migraine frequency. Is there any documention that a medication, like triptans, can actually lead to an increase in migraines or is it just related to age?

  1. I had an increase in migraines, and I did take triptans for 10 or so years (I now no longer take triptans because eventually they became ineffective... they work for a few hours, then the migraine comes back worse than before), but like so many things about this disease, it's hard to nail down cause. Was it because of the triptans that I got worse, or was it just the natural progression of migraine disease? Did my body just get used to the drug after so long taking it?

    It is important with triptans or any painkiller not to use them more than 2 times per week, 3 in an emergency, but I know you probably already know that.

    1. Sorry to hear that. Short Story - I was fine taking Excedrin for years, until my doctor decided to “upgrade” me to Imitrex. A few months later, migraines got worse and I got addicted to it. Worse, it’s effectiveness reduced. What did I do next? Went back to my Ex - Excedrin Migraine, but she refused to take me back. Now I had to take both! Last month I came across a nice forum about going cold turkey with migraine meds and trying acupuncture. Just had my 3 treatment and I think it works. At this I could care less if it was Placebo. Only had one headache for last two weeks. Please try alternative meds before getting hooked on these stuff. I wish I wasn’t so skeptical earlier.

      1. You can only take triptans 10 days out of a month or you are at risk for medication overuse headache. This causes your migraines to become worse and tend to be extremely hard to treat. Only way to fix this is cold turkey off the meds to allow it to settle down again.

        1. Hi there, I am currently taking celebrax but it is now on prescription and I have to change painkillers. I have been recommended to take sumatriptan, which is a triptan. I am just doing some research if this is an effective painkiller. Can anyone else share their experience with this painkiller?

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