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Trokendi and Cambia buyback or return program?

I have a LOT of unused packets of Cambia (16) and packages of Trokendi XR (3 30-day supply packages of 50 mg and 1.5 packages of 25 mg). I weaned myself off of both. I know I can dispose of them at Rx collection days but I hate to see all that new in package medication go to waste - does anyone know if there's a buyback or return program from the vendor?

  1. I'm in Illinois (greater Chicago) if that helps, maybe there are different policies by state.

    1. Hi 1bi480g,

      Thank you for your question. I'm not aware of any such program, and it does seem like a waste, but I would think there are too many issues with a program like this - tampering and so on.

      If I come across anything, I'll keep you posted,


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