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Trokendi XR

I'm currently taking 100mg Trokendi XR for chronic migraines. I used to be on regular Topamax 100mg but the side effects were too much and it didn't control my migraines enough so my Neurologist switched me to Trokendi. Trokendi is the only medication that has knocked my migraines down to 1 / week when it used to be 1 / everyday. My migraines are easier to break and easier to control.

Anywho, I lost my insurance since I was terminated from my long time job. I'm enrolled in Trokendi's patient assistance program but it still costs $440. Because I am still unemployed, my boyfriend is having to take on all financial responsibilities so we obviously cannot afford $440. I've stopped Topamax / Trokendi cold turkey before (refilled too late or forgot to take, etc) and had seizures because of it. Now that we cannot afford my Trokendi and I am out, I'm terrified I'll have seizures and that my migraines will run wild again.

I was taking Inderal 40mg 2x daily and that helped. That's $23 to refill but we can't get it until Friday when my boyfriend gets paid. I've asked family for financial assistance and nobody can help me.

Is there anyone out there who has any advice for me? I do not qualify for Medicaid or government assistance, I already tried for it. Any advice would be great.

  1. I'm not too sure about the differences between the various forms of Topomax. I do know I have troubles when I try to switch from a slow-release (one a day) to a take three times a day on other seizure meds. I had to switch back. Didn't have seizures, but increased pain.

    The version of Topomax they prescribe me is QudexyXR, and it has been around long enough that it has a generic form. I do have insurance (so sorry about your situation!) so I don't know how much it costs for private pay, but I would assume less than having to pay for the name brand. I think it's just labelled TopimirateXR on my bottle. I also take 100 mg once a day. Maybe you could ask your pharmacy how much that would be?

    I hope you can find a solution, and I'm really sorry for the struggles you're going through.

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