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Trouble With the Docs.. help?!?!

I'm new to the site but i'm loving it already. I've read some great posts and articles, i'm wondering if anyone will have any good advice for me now.
I'm 20 years old and have had migraines starting at age 10, they got really frequent and chronic my freshman year of high school so I started the depo prev-era (spelling?) birth control shot to help with hormones and surprisingly it worked, now 5 years later I have only tried being off of it once and failed horribly, the migraines were ten times worse and more a week than normal. By my junior year in HS I was put on Effexor and Topamax, both are harsh drugs that if I don't take by 10am my body gets weak, nausea sets in, and you guessed it-- I get a migraine! I've talked to my regular doctor and neurologist about getting off these and finding a different route of treatment or at least lowering the dosages but since the medication has been working they say "oh just take your pills" I plan to have kids in the next five years so it'd be nice to get the ball rolling on that because i wont be able to take any medicine that helps my migraines while i try to get pregnant or while I am. It's so frustrating that they wont listen and just assume pills have to be the answer.
I'm seeing a migraine specialist in June and am hoping he will be more helpful. I have no triggers besides weather and caffeine withdrawl so I'm struggling to find the cause of my migraines as well.

  1. Hi there! Im kinda new to this site. I have only read posts but never replied! You are so young to have such horrible headaches and im so sorry! I am 56 and 15 years ago i had a stroke and a brain bleed and it zapped my central nervous system. After that the migraines came along with chronoc daily headaches. So, for 15 years i have fought the dr. battle. My advice is to keep trying until you find one who listens to you. Really listens! You can tell when they hear you. Tight now i have a good team of drs. I have a neurologist who is a headache specialist, a pain mgmt. dr. who does procedures, an internist, and a pain mgmt. therapist who i see every 2 weeks. He might be the most important person on my "team" because i am sure you are realizing that you are in a very lonely world right now. It is important to find someone who gets what you are going through and a safe place to talk things through. I hope you find your way in your journey and that you find some relief soon. Good luck!

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