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Ubrelvy…now I need 2

Hi! I’m on Nurtec for a preventative since June 2021. For the past year I take Ubrelvy as a rescue (I took it Jan 2021-April, sometimes Advil instead of Ubrelvy, and then stopped Advil in Jan 2022 and went back to strictly Ubrelvy as a rescue). I noticed the last 2 migraines that one Ubrelvy was not enough and suddenly I need 2. Can this mean it is becoming less effective for me due to using it and Nurtec? I hope not. Ty

  1. Hi, mk. Good to see you. We have other members here who use Nurtec and Ubrelvy together. As you know, everyone responds differently to medications -- and some of them can seem to quit after a while. This would be a conversation to have with your doctor; they may want to change your medication routine a bit. It's normal to make changes now and then, so try not to worry. Let us know what you decide to do. You know we're here for you! -Melissa, team

    1. That's awesome! I hope you get some relief from it. Warmly, Cheryl team

    2. Very cool! Did you have Vyepti or something else? Curious to hear about your experience and how it went. -Melissa, team

  2. Thank you, everyone! It is also humid and hot now and the worst part of migraine is not being able to pinpoint what causes them and why patterns change!

    1. Tylenol & Magnesium to keep it at bay. I got another one 4 days later so Idk lol. At such a loss. Also wondering if anyone knows if you get another migraine in less than 24 hours, is it considered the same migraine ?

      1. I understand how frustrated you must feel while trying to get your migraine managed. My husband along with many others suffer from migraine attacks that cycle constantly. I would suspect having another surge from a migraine attack could be a continued migraine, but if you've had a period where you were headache-free it could also be another attack. I would keep in contact with your doctor. How often are you using Tylenol to keep your migraine at bay? Warmly, Cheryl team

    2. Tylenol never works for me. Only the IV. I rarely do the IV. Some neurologists say that within less than 24 hours it is usually the same migraine, but no idea if that is proven? Tysm!

      1. to receive your IV treatment do you visit the ER or do you have a clinic that provides that service for you? It seems like they study everything! If we have an attack that rises and falls off the fact is we are still experiencing some if not all of the nastiness that comes with an attack. If I were tracking it I would include it as a single attack especially if there was not a significant pause of relief between the waves. What is important is that you have some resources to use to help you manage what you are experiencing. Keep moving forward and you will find a combination of therapies to get you more migraine-free days! Warmly, Cheryl team

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