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Hi! I have been a Nurtec for preventative for about a year now. I’m not sure if it really helps prevent that many more migraines but it definitely works to abort if I take it on my day for preventing. However, I also take Ubrelvy as an abortive in a non Nurtec day. I have noticed in the last few migraines that here and there I needed 2 Ubrelvy to help me and the Nurtec did not work for my last migraine. Does this mean that I’m already too used to these medications and I need to change? I’ve only been on Ubrelvy for the last few months taken as an abortive. I will take it for a few months and then switch to something else and then switch back. I have been taking it from January until now. I can’t imagine I’m used to it already? Nurtec has only been over a year to prevent. Or is it just bad luck for the last few migraines?

  1. Hi - sorry to hear that your combination of treatments seems to be less than effective. Nurtec as a preventative and Ubrelvy as an abortive can be effective when used correctly but sometimes this combination may not be the right choice as migraines are quite different for everyone. The only way to know the answer to your question is to speak with your treating physician. He can say you are using the treatments correctly and that ... well ... maybe you should try something else, that this combo is subpar. In the community, several have used these medications and yes, they have stopped working. For others they have been life changing. I hope those who have used it will chime in and offer their experience with both. Until then, here's a link to several articles referring to the Ubrelvy and Nurtec as well as other CGRPs and other's experiences. Best of health always ~ Rebecca (comm advc)

    1. Forgot the link - so sorry. Ha! Best of wellness! Rebecca

    2. Yeah, as Rebecca mentioned, unfortunately that can happen sometimes. :\ Let me know what you hear from your doctor. -Melissa,

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