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Unusual Ajovy side effects

Ibstarted Ajovy about 4 months ago. My headaches are much less frequent. However, I recently started having severe stomach issues, pain, nausea and overall tiredness which could be totally unrelated. Has anyone else experienced anything similar?

  1. that's good to hear that you've gotten results with migraine being less frequent. That's a big win. Although, I'm sorry to hear that it's coming at the expense of your stomach and other symptoms. I haven't taken Ajovy, so I can't speak from firsthand experience. I'm hopeful another one of our community members will chime in with their experience. In the meantime, have you reached out to your doctor? Sometimes they can offer recommendations in terms of timing of medications and such. It would be wonderful for you to find a way to get the benefit without the side effects!
    Alene, moderator

    1. I had bad stomach problems on Quilipta. But I'm taking Ajovy now and my stomach is good but I feel like I'm going crazy. Mood swings, panic attacks. But it maybe unrelated. It is so difficult figuring out what is causing what.

      1. , having reduced migraine attacks is fantastic! My husband was on Ajovy for a while. It was his first CGRP drug, and his most noticeable side effect was constipation. Experiencing mood swings and anxiety are actually prodrome symptoms for my husband and myself. He has chronic migraine, and I can tell if there is an attack cycling up for him by the changes in his mood. He is usually a very even-keeled person and very calm, but as his prodrome symptoms increase he is easily agitated and gets hyper-aware of everything going on around him. That tends to make things challenging because it's a balance of when/should he take an abortive drug or use other non-drug coping tools. The long acting CGRP preventative he's on now helps keep extreme attack cycles easier to treat, but they still can take him out for days at a time. Do you regularly track your attacks and symptoms? It can be an excellent way to find patterns and/or triggers that could be feeding an attack. It's good information to share with your doctor since it can help create a bigger picture of your experiences and how it impacts your daily life. How is your support network at home? People who understand what you are experiencing can often offer observations from their viewpoint that you may not be aware of. My husband rarely notices his mood and personality changes. I hope you continue to have good results with Ajovy. Having less attacks and/or milder ones is a game changer for many of us. Again, document and cover your experiences with your doctor. It can be more helpful than you realize. HAve an awesome day! Warmly, Cheryl team

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