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Use of sunglasses

Hi everyone,
I was wondering if light is a big trigger for you? And if it is, if you always carry sunglasses to avoid having big changes from dark to light. And do you carry 1 pair of sunglasses or more (with different darkness of tints).
I am a light sensitive person, so flashing light (tree sun tree) or very bright light can trigger it, so i was wondering if anyone experiences this and how they try to avoid these triggers as much as possible.

  1. Hi ,

    Yes! You're not alone in having light be a strong migraine attack trigger. Many of us wear glasses specifically designed for this purpose, both indoor and outdoor. I have a pair of outdoor glasses from TheraSpecs I love. I've tried other brands, but come back to TheraSpecs.

    There are a number of options out there worth the time and money, if that means no attacks!!

    Let me know what you think!
    Nancy Harris Bonk Patient Advocate/Moderator

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