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I apologize if this has been addressed in another posting, I wondered if there are others who experience horrible vertigo with their headaches? I have had migraines since childhood with auras but after having a hysterectomy, lost the auras and developed awful vertigo. And almost without exception, the vertigo/headache begins in the middle of the night.

Have tried a number of drugs to include Topomax, awful side effects, and most recently Cymbalta. Take Maxalt for the headache, nothing helps the vertigo. Headaches that used to last 24 to 48 hours now last days.

Feel so helpless and worthless.

  1. Hi Nickil,

    Sorry you feel so helpless and worthless - you aren't either of those and you aren't alone in what you are experiencing.

    Although not officially diagnosed - I'm seeing my GP next week to discuss my migraines and my symptoms - I can relate somewhat to what you are describing. It has happened with me during an attack, although some of mine are silent with no actual pain, that I get lightheaded and lose my footing.

    Are you due to see a medical professional as it sounds like the drugs you are on are not appropriate for you?

    Take care,


    1. Oh hun, I can identify with you on so many levels. First of all, I feel like you read my thoughts when you said you were feeling worthless and helpless. I have had to go down to less than part time at my job, and some weeks my husband who works full time has to keep the house going as well (like doing laundry and picking the house up). To get to your question, I have terrible vertigo most of the time (whether I am actually having a migraine or not). I have to crab crawl up the stairs, and sit on my bottom like a toddler to go down them. I had what was classified when I was 13 as "Ice Pick Migraines", that lasted into my early 20's, after that I did really well until about a year ago (I am 30). When I started talking to my doctor about what I experienced as a young woman he didn't think I was diagnosed correctly. Two years ago I had a hysterectomy, so I am on hormone replacement therapy. The first year after having the surgery all was wonderful, as I had been really struggling with hormone issues. Anyway, I was originally prescribed Topomax and Neurontin. Those were a nightmare for me. The side effects were awful, to the point that I was "losing" words. I would be in mid-sentence and know what I was trying to say but the words just wouldn't form. I went back to my doctor several times, trying several different medications. On Tuesday of this week he changed me to Keppra. I took it for the first time today, and it is making my blood pressure spike, so I am laying low again today. Ok, so I hijacked your post, and I am gonna cut myself off, I truly didn't mean to, it was just amazing how similar I felt to your post, this is the first time I have ever been on here and it is the first migraine community I have joined, so sorry for my over enthusiasm. 😀 Please let me know if you have any questions, or if you just need someone to talk to.

      1. I get vertigo almost every migraine now, and sometimes without one. I've been having lightheadedness throughout the day which just started a few months ago, with vertigo spells here and there despite if I have a migraine or not. I seems the longer I've had migraines the more often I get vertigo. It used to be very rare that it happened, but as the years drag on its near daily. Yesterday I was immobilized from it and the nausea. The head pain wasn't even bad. I know how you feel with the helplessness....I feel useless, like I can't contribute to my household or society. I work 20 hours a week and it's still too much.I feel so bad because my boyfriend works 60+ a week and still takes care of me. I know he loves me and he isn't going anywhere, but the fear is always there.

        Sometimes I can barely walk or stand up. It's like being carsick all day. It's hard to eat when I feel that way but it does help to have regular meals. I've had some luck with OTC motion sickness medicine like Dramamine, and Benadryl, and prescription Phenergan for nausea. But of course it makes me exhausted and then I'm still dysfunctional, just a little more comfortable.
        I don't really have any answers because I'm in the same position, but just wanted to let you know it's common and you are not alone.


        1. I've experienced really bad vertigo off and on my whole life, and was just diagnosed yesterday with "silent" vestibular migraines. You're not alone! The long vertigo episodes I experience often start in the middle of the night too. I've never found anything to really help the vertigo, but regular (small) meals, laying very flat on the floor, and sucking on ice have helped with the associated nausea, along with Dramamine (which does nothing for the motion, just the nausea).

          I totally understand the helplessness. It's hard to deal with something that changes your entire perception of the world and your ability to move through it.

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