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Is vibration a trigger for your migraine?

The vacuum is a massive trigger for me and I’ve been trying to understand why. First was the noise, I wore ear protection but I would still get a migraine. Then it was the dust. I would wear a mask, take a shower, and change clothes but still a migraine.

Got a small vacuum and no migraine. Now I have a small carpet cleaner, and even after wearing ear protection again after and dealing will the onset symptoms for several days, I got a migraine. This brings me to the vibration of these bigger machines. A lot like I can drive my truck but I get a migraine in my housemates. Or when the vibration is turned on, on the PS4 it tends to make me feel nausea. Next time I use the big machines I’m going to try to wear thick gloves to try to ease some of the vibrations on my body but I’m not sure if it will help or not.

Has anyone else had this kind of trigger or any advice on how I might be able to test/deal with it?

  1. Hi, Solusumbra, sorry for your pain!

    I'm not sure this is the same thing, exactly. But I noticed many years ago that I would experience unusually intense migraines when I rode on roller coasters, so I stopped. I sometimes get migraines if I ride my bike on a bumpy route, like a sidewalk. Recently, my husband bought a jeep, and that also triggers a migraine on a bumpy route, like a campground road.

    I think that if you already have some damage to some tissues in your body, like veins or nerves, and you subject them to bumps or vibrations that seem like they should be tolerable, you could still trigger an inflammatory response, which will lead to pain and other symptoms of migraine.

    Maybe try a carpet sweeper!

    Take care.

    1. when riding in cars of the windows are down you can try wearing an earplug in the ear facing the window, it’s a trick I leaned for motion sickness when traveling. Which can be it’s own trigger! It will also help you figure out more of what might be your trigger.

    2. thanks! That's a good tip. I always need to roll the window up on the highway.

  2. Hi there, -- cool name, by the way. Sorry that vibrations are giving you such a hard time! It's definitely something we've heard other members talk about in the past, but there doesn't seem to be a common thread among them. Have you talked to your doctor about it? There are so many nerves in the body that might trigger migraine if aggravated. Sorry that I don't have anything specific for you. Trial and error really is key when dealing with triggers. We're here for you! -Melissa, team

    1. For me it's the low rumbling sound and vibration of large trucks or loud cars (often with low bass music blaring out the windows) driving by! I thought I was imaging the vibration trigger - but I think you are on to something...

      1. good to know I’m not the only one starting to see/feel it.

    2. I find the worst thing is electric toothbrushes and the sonic cleaning at the dentist is a definite no no. Amazing really how things seem to add to my list and just make life even more difficult.

      1. Oh gosh, it's so shrill! Goes right into the skull. Hugs to you. -Melissa, team

      2. Have you tried using ear plugs to make sure it isn't the high pitched sound?

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