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Waking with a migraine on different side of head

I've suffered with migraines for almost 20 years, but I've recently began to wonder if when I wake up with a migraine that's on the other side of the migraine I fell asleep with, is it a new migraine or the same migraine? I don't suppose it really matters all that much. I was just curious. Went to sleep last night (finally!) in significant pain on the left side and woke up this morning with no pain on the left and less significant, but still very present, pain on the right side.

  1. Hi MBright14,

    Thank you for your questions! This has happened to me as well, where it feels as though my migraine isn't going away after a few days, but rather, 'shifting' from one side to the next. I know it can be frustrating to be in pain and confused at the same time! I wanted to share an article with you that I thought you might be interested in, as it shares a small bit of information about migraine on just one side of the head/face: Take Care!

    1. My migraine attacks for many years were episodic one sided and short. Along about peri-menopause they increased in frequency and length. A few years later they started being much longer, starting on one side moving to both sides then to the other side. Only took an abortive day 1 nothing more during that time. It wouldn't help. By the time the attack moved back to side one was time to take medication. By then I was to weak and dehydrated that I wasn't able to face what it might do next. Always wondered how much longer it would continue but not strong enough to find out.

      1. I have these types of migraines often. I read the article and answered the poll as "other" because the migraine does switch. I get them equally on both sides of the head, usually starting in one eye with the same point at the back of my head. The pain can last up to 3 days and then switch sides. Even if I catch the onset of one, there is still pain that can shifts sides.

        In short, you are not alone.

        Take gentle care of yourself.

        1. Yes, that happens to me.

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