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Walking with migraine

Does anyone else lose the ability to walk when a migraine hits? The pain in my head is gone today but the weakness in my legs is still there a day later. This is a symptom that has only developed in the last 3 months and rarely because the new prescriptions have been working thankfully but it's concerning me. I've had migraines for 30+ years and now this symptom?!? Do others experience it?

  1. Layorm - I frequently have neurological involvement with my migraines that impacts my leg function. Struggling to lift my leg to go up a flight of stairs let along taking a step without dragging my feet. My neurologist ran several nerve function tests and scans and found no damage to explain the issue so we’ve chaulked it up to another of my “fun” migraine symptoms. If your doc isn’t finding a difference cause/reason for the loss is leg function just try and roll with it and keep a cane or walker handy for the occasions it happens. I keep a cane handy, myself.


    1. Hi there , Thank you for reaching out and for your question. I am so sorry to hear that you are experiencing this new symptom. I did just want to mention, that while muscle weakness may be attributed to migraine typically during the postdrome phase, but as with any new or worsening symptom, I would encourage you to speak to your doctor about it in order to rule out anything more serious. You might find this article interesting - Thanks again for your question! -Joanna ( Team)

      1. I can certainly identify with what she describes in the article. It almost brings tears to my eyes to know I am not alone in this struggle. Not that I wish it on anyone else, by any means. I'm a runner (when I am feeling good, of course) and I'd rather feel the exhaustion and muscle weakness after running a race than what I feel during and after a migraine for sure. I have finally been referred to a neurologist thankfully so communication with the doctor has helped. I think I have called her office every time I've gotten a migraine. I'm sure they love me by now.

    2. Yes, Layorm, I, too, often have problems walking during migraine phases, pro, during, and post. This has not always been the case, but now I often cannot walk straight, my legs feel like heavy weights, and sometimes my knees bend inward. I sometimes find it necessary to sit down with my legs up and rest until these symptoms pass. Otherwise I become very fatigued. All the best on your journey in the world of migraineurs. This site helps me in realizing others experience many issues I do. I am glad it is available for discussion and education.

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