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Migraine for a week

Hi. I have been experiencing migraine for 9 yrs,usually attacks once a year only. My pattern is, it attacks 2x a day, once during the day and once 2-3 hours before dawn. Pain lasts for 30-45 minutes with analgesics, but keeps me in bed most of the day. The whole migraine suffering consistently lasts for a week for the last 9 years. Anyone have the same very predictable pattern?

  1. Hey there. Sorry to hear that migraine puts you on your back every year. That's hard! While I can't speak to your specific situation, I know that tons of people in the migraine community get them in very predictable patterns. Do you always get them the same time of year? You could be sensitive to the weather or the change of season (or, frankly, any number of other triggers). It could also have something to do with your sleep cycle and your body's hormones fluctuating throughout the day. Those are just some basic thoughts you might want to chat about with your doctor. What do you think? -Melissa, team

    1. Thanks, Melissa. Time of attack varies each year. Showering with very warm water helps a lot with me.

      1. migraines are tough! I know that a nice warm to hot shower really has a calming effect during my attacks. It doesn't always last, but I'll take what comfort I can get! Warmly, Cheryl team

    2. What drugs, if any, are you taking to help cope with the migraines? Have you told your doctor about this and asked for advice?

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