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What can I eat?!?

Hi all,

So glad to have found this community. I have dealt with migraines for over 10 years and most recently I have been very glad to have months-long stretches between them, but when they hit they typically last for two weeks or more. What I've found recently is that I'm extremely sensitive to both sugar and salt in my diet during an attack. I've tried to completely cut them both out, however, it's amazing to realize how much sugar and sodium there is in EVERYTHING, and basically my diet has been reduced to about 5-6 very bland items, and I'm losing weight at a rate that doesn't feel safe.

Has anyone else dealt with this, and have any suggestions for how to adapt my diet to be healthy and satisfying and also not set off another migraine? I have had barely any pain for about 2 days, but my heart rate is still pretty elevated and I definitely still feel like I'm in the "postdrome" period.

Thanks in advance,

  1. Hi, Nora! You're definitely not alone with the struggle of figuring out diet and migraine triggers. Have you tried a clean eating plan? Whole30 is one example. The Mediterranean diet also focuses on low-sugar, low-salt, wholesome foods. Google and Pinterest are great resources for recipes to fit all kinds of dietary needs. Hopefully others will chime in with their own food experiences! -Melissa, team

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