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What Has Worked For Me

I have the best migraine specialist/ neurologist. She started me on occipital nerve blocks every 6 weeks and Botox every 12 weeks. Along with Candesartan 12mg daily. I made the mistake of going off of my treatment and had a huge flare up, now I’m back on track PLUS she’s going to start Lidocaine injections via ultrasound.
Right now I’ve been taking pain meds but have had one Botox and one occ nerve block treatment and can already notice a difference and learned a painful lesson. Don’t stop treatment if it’s working!!!

  1. , I'm glad you have your treatment back on track after hitting that bump. Finding a good migraine specialist is important. It's nice that you work well together. How long have you been receiving your current treatment? I know many people who have found relief with Botox and nerve blocks. I'm all for a treatment that provides us with lasting relief. Have they checked to see if you have any structural issues that may be a possible cause for your pain? My husband is considering restarting Botox and/or nerve blocks to complement his current preventative therapy. I wish we could learn our lessons without pain, lol. I hope you have continued success with your current treatment plan. Warmly, Cheryl team

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