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What Is Actually Happening to Me When I Get a Migraine ?

I have spent hours upon hours, days even. Over the years trying to find this out. I don't need an explanation about symptoms or any other crap. I want to know what is going on to my brain that is different from a regular headache. Is it blood flow, oxygen loss, swelling of fluid?

  1. Personally I believe that each migraine sufferer develop different types of migraine. In order to have answers to these questions perhaps you should consult your doctor to pinpoint the symptoms to clarify the tyoe you may have. Hopeing you recieve answers to lead to recovery.

    1. Hi Jennifer! Migraine symptoms can vary so much from person to person, that there is no general answer over the other. This is a really great question, and I am happy to share a few links with you as well to help you gain a better understanding of migraine. The most common form of migraine in adults is migraine with aura (

      However, when classifying migraine the four stages are 1. Prodrome, 2. Aura, 3. Headache, and 4. Postdrome. Here is a link that explains exactly what happens to your body during each phase: (

      I hope this answers your question, and we are looking forward to learning more about your migraine journey! Wishing you a gentle evening. -Lawrence ( Team)

      1. I think Cheryl asks a really good question. What exactly happens in the brain when a migraine occurs? I have the same curiosity. From speaking to my neurologist, my sense is that it is not well understood by the medical community. But I'd love to hear some educated guesses from a medical professional.

        1. This article is very interesting about what is happening in the brain.

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