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What is going on with me?

So for several months have been having headaches every single day. Most of the time they start as soon as I wake up start as a pulsating in Temple then through out the day go to my forehead, side of head, and back of head at times each head pains last just seconds to minutes with a few lasting 15-30 minutes. Having zig zag lines in my eyes, unbalanced feel off. Also three weeks ago woke up with neck tightness and pain since then have had ringing in the ears, once in a while a tingeling or pain for a second in my cheek or lip can happen on either side not just one sided. Also at times can have a almost crawling feeling on top of my head like a tickle .Jaw pain for a second at times as well. Feeling fatigued and odd. Went to the ER two nights ago due to my issues. They did a CT scan and said it came back normal I'm losing it what is going on with me.

  1. Gosh, those sound like pretty common migraine/headache disorder symptoms. The odd crawling feeling on top of your head drives me CRAZY. I can usually get rid of that with a big sack of ice, if that helps. I think it sounds like you need to find a headache specialist. The ER is good for treating emergencies, but they won't be able to diagnose you properly and get you on a good preventative treatment plan like a headache specialist can. They can hopefully get you going with something to help manage this.So sorry this is going on!

    1. Hi michelle58821

      Thank you for your questions - we're glad you're here!

      As much as I wish I could tell you exactly what's going on with you, only a qualified doctor can do. Migraine can't be seen on image studies or blood work. A diagnosis is made after he/she gives you a complete neurological exam, goes over your symptoms and discusses your medical history and your family's medical history..

      Having said that, you may want to read (and share) the following information with your doctor:

      I'd also like to share information with you about diagnosing migraine and/or headache disorders.

      Let me know what you think,

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