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What is this pain?

I am a chronic migraine sufferer, I have been to several doctors over the years including migraines specialists, neurological, endocrinologist. I generally get relief from “Zomig” but for the past week I have had this sharp pain and pressure in my forehead and behind my right brown bone. I am not getting any relief from ibuprofen, Panadol, aspirin or zooming. The pain is making me feel nauseous and causing me to be sensitive to sound and light however it feels different to a normal migraine or tension headache. Can anyone suggest what it might be and how to get relief?

  1. , I am sorry to hear you are struggling. For your safety, we are unable (and unqualified) to offer specific medical advice/diagnosis over the internet. I wanted to mention that whenever we have symptoms that are different from our usual migraine symptoms, we strongly urge you to be seen by your doctor to rule out any other potentially more serious causes for what you are experiencing. Especially since your usual remedies are not working, I would suggest being seen if possible. We will be thinking of you, please keep me posted, I hope you are able to find some relief! ~Melanie (team member)

    1. As a health practitioner, I didn't read that as serious at all. It read as very standard in terms of how migraine/tension cycle can happen and how our bodies shift --- and our experience of migraine or headache pain and various signs and symptoms change.

  2. do you have an update? What you described sounded like it could be serious, I hope you are OK.

    1. please see She has some helpful information. Have you been checked for mold toxins, chemical toxins or heavy metals toxicity?

      1. Spike pains near eyes are one symptom of mold toxicity.

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