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What might this be

I thought I would try asking if anyone here on a migraine group if what I am experiencing is familiar. I have an existing inner ear problem so have had 25 years of balance and dizzy vertigo problems. I have never been given an exact diagnosis as to what I have. The past 10 years have been better than the 20 years before. Imbalance has been the main thing. About a couple weeks ago I fell in walmart. Like a tree falling over. Since then I have this kind of tightness in my head not pain. My eyes are focusing correctly. Its a feeling like a pendulum also. I had migraines for years from the time I was 18 until 40 am now 57. They were pretty much everyday sometimes would have auras with them. They got much better after about the age of 40 and can't say I've had much problem. I was reading hormones times of life can cause migraines. Even though I am 57 I am just now going through menopause its been 4 or 5 months since the last one. I was always a very regular person. I never could really connect time of the month with my ear problems or migraines. I have a doctor appt in January and hopefully will get a referral to a specialist to find out whats wrong. That is unless I fall and die before then. I do have issues with my neck with arthritis and get pain in my neck often not off the wall pain but a constant feeling like it needs cracking or something with pain that runs from the middle of that niche up into my head. I can develop a headache from that at times. Any thoughts appreciated.

  1. Hi lsmason56,

    Please forgive us for not getting to your question sooner.Did you hurt yourself in Walmart? I really hope not, falls can be very troublesome. I'm not sure I will be able to help with much information but, vertigo and balance issues can definitely go hand in hand with migraine disease.

    I'm glad to hear you will be seeing a doctor soon. That will be the best way to get an accurate diagnosis. We have information on organizing your thought and concerns that may be helpful before the doctors visit; Let me share them with you; and

    Seeing as January is right around the corner please let us know how you make out at the doctor.

    Happy Holidays,

    Let us know how

    1. Lsmason56,

      A diagnosis really is the first thing you need. There are over 300 different headache disorders including Migraine, and more than one can include dizziness like you have described.

      Nancy has given you some great links to start with, but when it comes to seeking that diagnosis, I hope you can find a Migraine and Headache specialist. We have a great list of links to get you started here: .

      Has any doctor ever mentioned Meniere's Disease at some point? Since this is a frequent comorbid condition with Migraine, cause of headache symptoms dizziness, it might be worth mentioning to your doctor at your next appointment. It doesn't sound like you're feeling like passing out, which is good, but you need to see a doctor who will finally get done to the bottom of this. You deserve to know what is happening so you can consider where you want to go from here. Treatment is 100%based on diagnosis, so let's talk about starting there, okay?

      I feel for you. I too have dizziness issues, as well as tinnitus. Nobody has been able to tell me exactly what is going on, and now my daughter is beginning to have similar symptoms. We all have vitamin B12 deficiency which made the tipping over much better for me when that was finally corrected. We know it's not the end of the story though.

      We all deserve a diagnosis and a shot a getting better.... Don't you think?!

      Let us know how it goes....


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