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What should I do next?

Everyone has been very helpful on here so far, very appreciated. Basically in short I want some advice really, young male 20-25, and So I’ve been on Candesartan 12mg for 6 months - now my headaches are once again daily, with 1-2 days severe pain bed bound with waves of dizziness nausea and brain fog. Severe days throbbing pain on left side and I won’t want to do anything. Then the next days that follow are milder. I’ve figured out some triggers and kept a diary - walking against wind, travelin, sometimes any movement at all
Particularly walking n, when nervous or stressed, when I haven’t slept or feeling low, certain smells you name it. Anyway.
I’m getting really desperate to get anything to get rid of this constant pain. Now things are reopening with Covid I feel like half a person most days. It’s hard finding people who relate as most people say “it’s just a headache”. Does anyone feel like they lose themselves in it? Sorry to get deep.

After MRI was clear the Doctor has sent me for bloods, kidney and thyroid tests but we are now considering pulling me off Candesartan and he may write me a prescription for Amitriptyline or Topiramate. I’ve tried pizotifen in past but didn’t give that a chance. Anyone had any experience with these? (I know different things worth for different people).

Doctor also advised against taking ibuprofen all the time which I know sometimes causes overuse. But I just want something I can reach to for pain days, but who knows. Standard over the counter does not work.

I’m trying to be less stressed and drink water but ah I don’t know what to do. I feel like it’s really getting to me lately. How does everyone cope? Any helpful tips? Thanks again / sorry for long rant

  1. Hi . Sorry to hear you're having such a hard time right now. It is easy to lose yourself to the process of dealing with chronic issues like migraines. It's a challenge for sure. I do not deal with similar symptoms as you described, but one thing that I noticed from your post is that you said you're drinking water. Are you drinking any electrolyte beverages or taking supplements like magnesium or potassium? Hydration, in general, is important, but sometimes your body needs to replenish electrolytes more especially when dealing with certain health issues, like migraines. That might be helpful to start incorporating 1 or 2 electrolyte beverages in addition to your water daily. Just to see if you can tell a difference. I know that it makes a huge difference for me. If I'm getting a bottled electrolyte beverage, I prefer body armor or aloe juices. For mixes, I like to get Dr. Price's Electrolyte Mixes or Drip Drop lately. Hopefully, that will at least help some. Others should also start chiming in with some of their experiences as well. Good luck and let us know how things go. ~Liz, Moderator

    1. I hear and understand your hopelessness. I find myself there often as well. In my experience we all cope differently. I have a doctor who listens to me and I have friends who have migraine attacks too, that helps me cope.
      My doctor has me taking a few different vitamins/supplements. Staying hydrated is Great but it’s possible to flush your body of what it needs. I have to watch my caffeine consumption. I feel like I require it to clear the brain fog in the morning, though I can not drink it after noon or I will have trouble sleeping, it’s my understanding that caffeine, if you do drink it, should be treated like a medication, same time every day.
      Do you have a sensitivity to changing barometric pressure? There is an App called WeatherX. When there is a change I put in my earplugs (like you wear on airplanes) I wear sunglasses inside All the time, only go to complete darkness when I am bed ridden. We need the sunlight and Vitamin D, to help offset depression. I also use essential oils, I diffuse them and put them on my forehead and down the sides of my neck. (peppermint) Vick’s can help me sometimes to,
      On days you can tolerate it, research treatments and medications and ask questions. Advocate for yourself. It’s very easy for me to slip into being a victim of my illness; but I deserve a better life, so do you. I’m sorry this is lengthy, I hope it helps.

      1. sorry this was a while back but I appreciate what you have said. Means a lot. Hope your headaches aren’t too bad at the moment!! Thanks for your support

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