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What type of examination have you made?


I wonder if you made only MRI scan without contrast or with contrast and also CT angiography (contrast)

  1. Hi barbie86,

    I'm not exactly sure what you mean - are you asking if people have had an MRI with or without contrast?
    If so, I've had both. The only problem I had with the MRI with contrast was a nurse had trouble finding a vein to start the IV.

    Let me know if this isn't what you meant and we'll figure it out together.


    1. Maybe English is not her/his primary language.....?

      I've had ct, cta, mri, and mra with no reaction or trigger of HA. But it didn't dx migraine

      1. Hello,

        yes, I'm not a native speaker. That is what I ment. So, I only had MRI without contrast, they didn't find nothing but I am scared, because I didn't have any other ... I don't know what to do, I can't live with migraine 🙁 I am so scared I will die because it si not a migraine with aura but TIA or something dangerous 🙁( I am so scared of having children, because migraine can worsen during pregnancy.

        1. Barbie yes that should be of concern. I'm not an MD but I think a CTA or MRA would be appropriate bcuz aneurysm or AVM (arterial- malformation) has to be ruled out.

          Do you have a family hx (history) of aneurysm or AVM?

          Are you being seen by a good neurologist? If so you might get a good 2nd opinion. Search for a good neurologist (not general practitioner or family medicine) in your area and pursue him/her hard.

          Be willing to travel.

          Keep us posted and seriously consider avoiding pregnancy until all imaging is done to include interventional radiology (mapping the brain vasculature with dye). In case you have a vascular defect.

          Keep us posted ok?
          God bless

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