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Where to get PNS Surgery

Now that my son Joe has completed his inpatient stay at Jefferson, he is very impatient to try anything else that will get his life back. His headache is only a shade better and his sound and activity triggers are unchanged. So he is still in bed most of every day.

One thing he would like to try ASAP is the trial PNS surgery I spent a couple of days researching the options and it seems there is no one who does this in the Washington DC area who is recommended by his patients. There is a man at Jefferson, Ashwini Sharan, and one at NYU, Alon Mogilner, but I haven't found anyone closer than that.

Does anyone have any knowledge about where to look?

  1. Julia32,
    Are you referencing nerve decompression surgery? Where do you live? There is a doctor at Georgetown University who does it. His name is Dr. Ivica Ducic and he's a plastic surgeon. I had a consult with him a few years ago and found that I wasn't a candidate for the surgery. He was one of the first doctors to perform this surgery for Migraines. While I can't give you a full recommendation (since I didn't have the surgery), I know that he has a great reputation.

    Here's his website:

    1. Thanks Katie! I am just now finding that you responded a while back to me. Joe is considering 3 different surgeries: the nerve decompression done by Dr. Ducic, the arterial ligation surgery done by Dr Hall in Houston, and the peripheral nerve stimulator surgery, which is the one I was asking about on this thread. The places that have the most experience in PNS surgery are in Dallas. We did get an appointment with Dr. Sharon at Jefferson for March 1 but have a call in because in the first conversation they said they focus on the occipital nerves, and Joe's problem is in his supraorbital nerves. We had a Skype consult with Dr. Hall this week and we are planning to see Dr. Ducic after we do a nerve block. Everything moves so slowly and my son is so eager to get his life back. We are hoping one of these avenues will help him.

      Thanks for your help, Katie!

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