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If I take meds everyday for mental health why is meds for migraines everyday different?

I have a migraine everyday. The days I don’t have a migraine are NOT the norm. Migraines go back four generations in my family that I know of. If I catch the migraine before it gets bad and I’m in bed the day goes better for me. How do I walk the line of MOH verses my daily “headache”? My current doctor wants me to go off all and every type of pain meds including OTC.

I cannot stay in bed day after day. It’s hard to be in bed for several days a month as it is. I live with all my shades closed everyday and get extreme pain with any type of bright light in my eyes. I have glasses with the darkest tint I could get just so I can go outside. I do not allow the doc to shine his light in my eyes for pupil checks.

I may be naive but what’s the difference between mental health meds and migraines? The last time I had a migraine for several weeks and had to stay in bed all that time I attempted suicide just to try and find relief. I told my current doctor that but he still says I have to be one month free of a headache before he will talk migraine preventive meds. Most of my siblings have daily migraines and same With my ancestors. The doc for my great grandma said “you’re a Mill of course you have migraines” I’ve seen multiple neurologists Where do I draw the line?

  1. Hi help4621,

    Well, that's a tough question. We do know migraine is a genetic neurological disease, and it sounds like you have a strong genetic component. This however, doesn't mean you have to suffer with pain every day.

    I would encourage you to find a neurologist who is better educated in migraine/headache disorders. There are doctors who have special board certification in migraine/headache disorders, many who are not even neurologists, which is different than being certified in neurology. Let me share this list of expert doctors with you; Some people have to travel a LONG way to see their expert doctor as there isn't one in there state. I can tell you the doctor I'm seeing, a true migraine expert, is making a difference in my life.

    Wishing you a low pain day,

    1. One more thing - I'm not sure I understand your question about mental health medications and migraine disease medications. There are medications that can treat both mental health issues and migraine disease.

      I understand wanting relief at any cost, but please seek out help when desperation sets in. In this article there are resources to help with this;


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