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Why won’t neurologists prescribe Fioricet anymore?

I have been taking Fioricet for 40 years for migraine. I have chronic migraine and I am allergic to practically every other medication on the market. My Neuro just passed away and no other docs want to prescribe it. So now I have to suffer from migraines daily with no relief.

  1. Hello longbeachmermaid, thank you for reaching out! I hear what a struggle your migraine symptoms have become since the death of your neurologist and your inability to be prescribed Fioricet. It is miserable knowing there is a medication that helps you manage your symptoms but being unable to access it. The reason some physicians may hesitate to prescribe Fioricet is that it contains butalbital. Butalbital is a controlled substance and butalbital compounds (like Fioricet) have also been shown to increase migraine from episodic to chronic in a statistically significant number of cases. These articles give some information about Fioricet and butalbital that might be of interest to you:
    I know that this explanation does not make it any easier and it is so unfortunate that physicians do not always account for the uniqueness of each patient. While the butalbital compound may statistically suggest an increase in migraine for some, it clearly has been the medication that helps you most to function. I hope as you establish care with a new neurologist and as s/he comes to know you and your health history more, s/he may reconsider prescribing you the medication your history has shown to be successful for you. Wishing you a gentle day. ~Allyson ( team)

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