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worsening of migraines following Astrazenica vaccine

Hi all, I wanted to share the fact that my migraines and headaches have significantly worsened (I believe) since getting the Astrazenica Covid Vaccine. Since the first dose I've had a headache or a migraine almost daily. I'm finding it very hard to get GPs/NHS/neurologist to volunteer any information of potential link with vaccine. I'm pretty certain there is a correlation in my case between the two. I've also got slightly elevated pressure behind my eyes and am awaiting a referral to an ophthalmologist (as well as to have a second MRI to include orbits - the first MRI showed no sign of thrombosis).

Ive been really suffering for over two months. I had GON injections into the back of my head which gave me about 10 days of relief (just light headaches) but the migraines have since returned. I have a history of chronic headaches and occasional migraines but they have definitely worsened since getting the vaccine. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I've started taking noritryptiline prophylaxis as of three days ago to see if this helps.

  1. So sorry you have been having such a rough run of it with migraine attacks after your COVID vaccine. We do have some other posts on the topic that you might find interesting here:

    Sounds like you are on a smart course with the making of these related appointments for further evaluation. In the meantime, really hope the triptan taken proactively begins to provide some relief.

    Thinking of you- Holly ( team)

    1. As Holly noted, we've had a lot of buzz about this topic lately. The US doesn't have AstraZeneca, but we have heard similar complaints regarding our other 3 vaccines. It's worth noting that many people that get COVID itself also have upticks in migraine afterward, may just be the nature of the beast. :\ So sorry you are going through this. Have you reported this to your healthcare team and to the proper authorities? Please know that you are not alone and that we are always here to listen and offer support. I know that doesn't fix it, but we do understand. Please keep us updated about how you're doing! -Melissa, team

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