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Zecuity Patch

Hi, I've been a chronic sufferer for about 14 years now & I feel like I've tried just about everything, however I'm not getting good enough results that help me to be "functional". Anyways, my doctor prescribed me the new Zecuity patch which is supposed to release Imitrex over a 4 hour time period.

Has anyone else tried it? What was your experience? Pros vs Cons?

I appreciate any feedback

Thank you

  1. Hi Dee94277,

    Thank you for your question. Zecuity is another migraine abortive medication, but it's delivery system is unique from the others in that it is passed through the skin in hopes to avoid stomach distress so many of us experience. You can find information on this here;

    I've not tried Zecuity, but can tell you it won't prevent attacks, rather like the other triptans, it stops the migraine process. However, if we have four or more severe attacks a month, we need to discuss migraine prevention, in addition to stopping our attacks, with our doctor.

    I know it can feel like we've tried everything out there, but that really may not be the case. There are over 100 medications that are available for migraine prevention and if we add up all the combinations, that number goes up dramatically. When you get a chance, take a look at this information on migraine prevention;

    I hope that helps,


    1. I'm currently trying Zecuity. The first patch I had problems with because it was extremely wet and wouldn't stay stuck. I'm very familiar with transdermal patches because my pain medication is in patch form. Tonight, my husband helped me and we had to use the transparent film that I use to cover my pain patches to keep them on for 72 hours. It currently is taped down after the first pieces of tape came off. I'm going to call them in the morning to see if we are missing some step. For now, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone that wouldn't have help to tape it down (or tape on hand to do so). Will post again when I talk to them. My cost was $15 for 8 patches. So, I'm okay with trial and error but if I were paying retail I'd be pretty upset.

      1. I tried it & had the same experience with the medicine leaking & using the tape, but because it was so wet, the tape didn't do much. I also had skin irritation that left big, red & raised circles on my arms & scabs from irritation for a few weeks. I talked to my doctor about the experience & she planned to pass the information on to the manufactures.

        1. Thank you. Im so glad to know I'm not the only one that had issues. I read where it might leave marks - but they would go away in a day. I will keep in mind that yours lasted much longer. Thank you for your reply.

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