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Are CGRPs Right for Me?

With the flurry of information surrounding the CGRPs for migraine, it can be tricky to keep up. We've created a downloadable list of questions you can ask your doctor to see if you're a good candidate for CGRP gepants (acute treatment) or CGRP monoclonal antibodies (preventive treatment).

What should you ask about CGRPs for migraine?

  • Which treatment do you think I should try first & why?
  • What dosing option (dose amount-m.g. and/or frequency) will be best for me & why?
  • How soon can I expect to know whether or not the treatment is working and/or effective for me?
  • How should I properly store the medication?
  • Am I able to take other medications with CGRPs?

What should you ask about side effects?

  • Will the injections be painful?
  • Have you heard of any other side effects other than what has been reported during the clinical trials that I should be concerned about?
  • If I experience any side effects from this medication, what should I do next?

What should you ask about the cost?

  • Will my insurance cover it?
  • What if I am denied? Can I appeal or are there any other options?
  • Is this a “tiered” medication? Will I have to “fail” another treatment first before my insurance approves this
    for me?
  • If I’m not insured, can I get this medication?
  • Are there any financial assistance programs available?

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