Finding Comfort During a Migraine

When the pain of a migraine is crashing down on us, it makes sense that we would seek comfort. While our medications are one form of comfort, there are additional ways to find comfort during a migraine attack. A supportive environment can help convince your nervous system that you are safe. This is feeling of safety reduces the flight or fight response.


This is one of my personal favorites and my go-to comfort item. According to my mother, I was always a blankie baby growing up. I have blankets everywhere in my house, yet I will still buy more when I find a good one somewhere. The fuzzy and soft blankets are my kryptonite. My dog even loves blankets!

I also have two weighted blankets. The original use of weighted blankets was for a therapy component to managing sensory issues with Autism. These blankets have been used for anxiety issues for quite some time. I find them comforting about half the time. I believe having a migraine can be a very anxiety-inducing experience. My migraine cocoon will always have plenty of blankets, including one of my weighted blankets.

Migraine-friendly clothing

I am sure this seems like a strange category for most people. There are types of clothing choices that are more comforting to different individuals. Some individuals prefer compression-type clothing, weighted clothing, or soft sometimes seamless clothing.

I personally desire soft, stretchy, and breathable clothing. Being stuck in clothing that is rough, hot, or restrictive will drive me crazy when I have a migraine. It took me time to understand why I would get so irritated with certain migraine attacks. Once I started paying more attention to my irritation, I discovered the fabrics around me seemed to interact with the nerves all over my body. Be sensitive and attentive to your body to determine which fabrics feel soothing to you.

Shower or baths

I do find hot baths to be soothing and a way to destress in a normal circumstance. Despite this, when I am dealing with a migraine, I prefer a hot shower. Even if I spend part of this hot shower on the floor of my tub. For me, dealing with making a hot bath and everything during a migraine feels overwhelming. The hot water can have the effects of a vasodilator. This helps with a migraine because it the pain can be caused by the vasoconstriction of the blood vessels.

Fur babies

One way to find comfort during a migraine attack is to spend time with a pain pal or fur baby. The comfort and benefits offered by a pain pal can be unmatched. A very comforting thing I can actively do during a migraine is to pet my pain pal. It is soothing to me and helps me feel like I am not alone in my pain. Luckily for me, my dog is an incredibly quiet guy. I do not have to worry about him making a lot of fuss that will bother my head.

My cocoon

My migraine cocoon involves many of the previously mentioned comfort techniques. I will start with a hot shower after I take my medicine. I put on clothing that I know will be comfortable for me. Next, I take bottles of water with me and climb into a pile of blankets in my cold dark room. My pain pal climbs in bed with me. I can pet him and even cuddle with him. He is used to being the little spoon! It is my safe haven and what I crave when a migraine hits me. Although, with enough cozy blankets, I can make a temporary small cocoon when I am not home.

How do you seek comfort during a migraine?

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