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Migraines, Dehydration, and Staying Hydrated

Staying hydrated is important for everybody. Although hydration has extra importance for those who suffer from migraines. On one hand, dehydration can trigger migraines in some individuals. On the other hand, a migraine can cause individuals to become dehydrated. There are many ways for individuals to stay hydrated beside simply drinking a glass of water.

Dehydration and migraine

When it comes to migraines, dehydration can play a part in both causing a migraine and being a side effect of having a migraine. Due to this, staying hydrated is a key element in managing migraines. Sometimes the fluids we choose to consume end up dehydrating the body instead of hydrating it.

Caffeine and alcohol

Drinks with caffeine work as a mild diuretic and can cause symptoms of dehydration. This is not something many people know about. Even more severely, alcohol is a diuretic, therefore dehydrating the body instead of hydrating it. Most people are aware of the dehydrating effects of alcohol.

Staying hydrated with migraine

Obviously, water is the normal choice for hydrating the body. There are many people who do not enjoy drinking plain water though. Things such as fruit, cucumber, lemon, and mint can be added to water to give it a flavor. It is normally more effective to add these things to a bottle or pitcher of water and allowed to sit in the refrigerator for a period. These elements add an extra refreshing feel to the water.

Electrolytes and sports drinks

Sometimes mixing electrolyte-rich drinks in with your water consumption can help your hydration levels. The Gatorade and Powerade type sports drinks can be beneficial. Some people choose to use the low calorie and carbohydrate versions of these drinks. Although if you make sure that you still drink plenty of water in addition to a sports drink, the sugar will be diluted effectively. Electrolytes can also be found in coconut water.

Edible ways to stay hydrated

Some foods can be hydrating as well and offer an alternative way to acquire some hydration. A personal favorite of mine is cold watermelon. Another water-rich melon is cantaloupe. A fruit that may surprise you is strawberries. There are also many vegetables that have high water content as well. These vegetables include cucumbers, zucchini, celery, and lettuce. Some of the vegetables could easily be a quick snack in case you are on the go or dealing with migraine pains.

The migraine struggle

When a migraine is bad, many people can struggle to tolerate consuming anything. It has always been important to me to have anti-nausea medications due to this issue. When I have migraines, I tend to not eat enough, therefore I choose to drink the regular Gatorade to be sure I have some carbohydrates in my system. If a milder taste is something that will help, adults can drink Pedialyte as well. One way to encourage consumption is to freeze the drink in ice trays to suck on them as you can.

Overall, it is extremely important to stay hydrated. This is helpful to prevent migraine and to manage an existing migraine. While water is logical and basic, there are other ways to acquire hydration as well. Ultimately, it is up to everybody to find an accumulation of what works best for you personally.

What works best for you?

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