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While I'm not a frequent drinker I do like to have a drink if I'm out socially. Vodka seems to be the alcohol that causes the fewest migraines but sometimes even a light vodka drink brings one on. Do any of you have a suggestion of the best brand of vodka to drink for someone with migraine?
Thanks, Jane C

  1. Tito's Vodka- it's an Austin, TX distillery. It's super smooth, and I haven't had any issues, personally. It's not super cheap, but the 'good stuff' typically isn't.
    Hope this helps!

    1. Yup, Vodka seems to be the only alcohol that does not mess me up right away.

      I am grieving the loss of wine in my life. Been confusing because some times I can drink a bottle with no headache, other times I have just a sip and I'm in bed for the next three days with a migraine attack. Is it the sulfites? A wine expert told me to go for Italian or French wines for they use less sulfites (I usually drink local California wines, but I guess here in the States they go heavy on the sulfites to speed up the process). Had a very expensive bottle on our anniversary and did not get an attack, just a slight hangover in the morning. Still testing it all out, as I am sure there are other factors. But DARNNIT, I miss wine!

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