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Facing Migraine’s Nausea

Nausea is a major symptom for so many people dealing with a migraine. It does not discriminate between individuals with episodic migraine or chronic migraine. For some individuals, it can be a minor additional symptom that does not typically require much attention. On the other hand, nausea can be a major additional symptom that the individual with a migraine must attempt to manage. There are several types of medication that are meant to help with nausea and a few none medication tips.

Medication for nausea

There are several types of medications that the doctors normally prescribe for nausea. The most common two medications are Zofran and Phenergan in a pill form. These medications can work for a lot of people in most cases. There are other forms of these medications for when someone is unable to keep a pill form down because the nausea is bad enough that it leads to vomiting. One other form aside from the pill is an orally disintegrating tablet. This type of tablet is very small and placed under your tongue to dissolve. By allowing the medication to dissolve this way, it can start working for you and there is no worry about throwing it up before it has a chance to start working. There is also one more alternative to the traditional pill delivery system of the prescription anti-nausea medications. The medication is also available in a suppository form. This is similar to the medication that dissolves under the tongue, it is able to absorb into the body without the worry of throwing up the medication.

Natural remedies for nausea

There are some non-medication things that you can do or try to help with nausea as well. Some drinks can help calm the stomach such as chamomile tea and even some ginger ale or sprite. Most doctors will suggest a pretty bland food diet while you are dealing with the nausea. These diets include things like plain toast, bananas, crackers, rice, and some easy soups such as chicken noodle. It is definitely recommended that you avoid spicy or fried meals. Another recommendation is that when you do try to eat meals, that you eat small meals instead of large meals so it is easier for your body to process. If you eat to large of a portion at once, you may end up having it come back up before your body is able to process the food.

Stocking up on barf bags

My last round of issues with extreme nausea had my husband and I becoming an expert at pulling over the car, so I could jump out of the vehicle and throw up on the side of the road. It was definitely far from a pleasant experience. My sister has a short gut child, so she had hospital throw up bags in her car because of my niece. After she took me to a doctor appointment and I ended up using one of her car barf bags, it was much easier than the jump out of the car routine. We ended up placing an order on Amazon for a 50 pack of the barf bags. This allowed her to restock and us to stock up for the next time anybody needs them.

Do you have any tips or tricks for dealing with nausea?

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