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Three Quirky Migraine Emotional Supports I Use

He’s still in my closet at my parents’ house. Every time I open the door, I can see my favorite stuffed animal (a big red dog) sitting on the top shelf. At one time, he was bigger than I was, and he was my bedtime cuddle-buddy. He was that Lovey that I couldn’t fall asleep without because he kept the bad dreams away. He stayed by my side until college and welcomed me home every time I visit.

What makes me feel better?

As I’ve grown, the stuff that makes me feel better has changed. Things like a really awesome matcha green latte, a butterfly fluttering by, and any and all Friends reruns now top the list. When a migraine hits me, if my relief meds don’t work, then not much dulls the pain. But I do have some emotional supports that help me to feel a smidge better. These give me a little extra emotional boost while dealing with the pain.

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My emotional supports

  • The best pajamas: They’re always clean and ready to go in case of migraine emergencies. I save a favorite pair so I can feel comfy and cozy when I’m feeling at my worst, lying in my dark bedroom waiting out the pain. It may not make my head stop hurting, but at the very least, I look stylish in bed.
  • My favorite pillow: A craft fair find, this pink pillow is like lying on a velvety cloud of goodness. I only use it when I’m feeling unwell and need a boost of support. It’s like a soft hug was built into a pillow - and when I’m dealing with a migraine, I can use a few extra ones.
  • The greatest meditation: I’ve been a fan of the free app Insight Timer for years now. It has guided meditations, yoga classes, and all sorts of other wellness classes. I have a favorite meditation that helps me relax. When I’m suffering from a migraine, I listen to this one. Not only do my pain levels drop slightly, but I can also usually relax enough to fall asleep.

Comfort in an uncomfortable time

It would be great if all these little tricks tricked my migraine right out of my head, but regardless I’m grateful I’ve discovered some ways that can help me muddle through. My pajamas, pillow, and mediations offer a little comfort during an uncomfortable time. I wonder sometimes — would my parents notice if I snuck my big red dog out of my closet to add to my migraine support system?

It might be time to find out.

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