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The Headache Hat

Recently I wrote an article sharing a non-medication-based wearable migraine relief device called Nerivio. I wanted to share another non-medication-based tool that is integral in my migraine management.

During the height of my migraines last year, a friend recommended the Headache Hat.

What is the Headache Hat?

While there are several derivatives of this available online for purchase, I'm going to describe the original one. The Headache Hat is a wearable, freezable, reusable ice pack for migraine management. The Original Headache Hat specifically has 3 rows of ice packets (24 in total) that strategically sit across your migraine and headache pain points. The same brand offers a Headache Halo, which only has two rows of ice packets (16 total) and a smaller size profile. I elected to try the bigger option as for me, when it comes to ice, the bigger the area it covers, the better.

The great features of the hat

In addition to strategic development and placement of reusable ice packs, the hat comes with a strip of velcro on both ends - allowing it to wrap around your head and close like an actual hat. While it's not the "cutest" thing you've ever seen, it certainly feels like magic when you enclose your migraine throbbing head in this travel freezer product. Also, its design means that you can wear the Headache Hat while laying down, sleeping, or sitting upright. You can also use it on your head, neck, over your shoulders, or across other pain points. The hat is also reversible, so when one side begins to feel warm, you can flip it over for some extra cool.

Ice is relieving for me

I have always found ice relieving during a migraine. The things I love about the Headache Hat specifically start with its size and shape, as it's much bigger than a traditional ice pack, and it's meant to manage the pain of migraines. Based on its design, the Headache Hat is somewhat moldable (especially as it defrosts a bit) and I like the flexibility of the reusable ice cubes exerting force against my migraine pressure points.

How I've used mine

I've also been extremely impressed with the use length of the Headache Hat. The website and informational packet indicate it’s good for 30-60 minutes of cold on each side (so 1-2 hours total). However, I’ve often used mine for 3-4 hours before needing to re-freeze it. Sometimes I find that while the bitter frozen cold of the hat is super beneficial at the onset of a migraine, the cool to the touch effect of the thawed/defrosted silicone like ice cubes inside feels helpful for headache hangovers.

What I've liked about the headache hat

I really appreciate that as the Headache Hat warms up, it doesn't create condensation on the outside. I almost always lay down while using the Headache Hat, and other ice packs previously had left watermarks and wet patches on my pillows.

My favorite benefit? If I fall asleep while wearing the Headache Hat, it stays right in place due to the velcro closure included in the design. How genius!

What are some similar products?

  • TheraIce
  • Migraine Cap
  • Cooling Cap
  • Revix
  • Headache Halo
  • Ice Cap

If you've tried the Headache Hat or anything similar, I'd love to hear your experience below!

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