Beating the Migraine Heat

As the United States withstands another day of record-setting temperature highs, I myself, find it difficult to avoid migraine and keep things cool. I mean, hell, we’ve been subjected to such a unique heat-dome, weather pattern, which is already a once and a thousand-year rarity. On top of living through the hottest few years in recorded history! This is no joke. Heat has never really been a huge trigger for me. I have such a long list of them, from bright lights to egregious smells, to high-pitched electronic buzzing, heat hasn’t really been that much of an issue.

Stay safe out there

I guess it just goes to show how little I travel outside. Buffalo New York was my home for so long. A place that is known for its winters ending in April. So, moving to Long Island has now added heat to my list of migraine-inducing triggers. The older I get the more sensitive I’ve become to migraine pain, so good thing I moved to a hotter locale just in time for record-setting heat.

As the blistering heat reaches well over one hundred degrees in the coldest parts of the country, we have to go above and beyond in keeping migraine away. As if this wasn’t already a full-time job as it is! Air conditioners are so so important, but not everybody has access to these, undoubtedly necessary, house features. Unless you can install a window unit that’s well over a billion tons, or buy a floor unit that sits in your room like the worst R2D2, you’re going to want to find other methods to beat the heat.

Tips to stay cool

There are a TON of DIY options to stay cool and keep migraine from ruining your brain. Blacking out your windows or even adding tin foil can help with repelling those nasty waves. Best keeping your dark room nice and reinforced. I mean, we should be pretty used to setting up a cold and clammy space to decompress and ride out migraines anyway. Why not bring that level of preparedness to the entire house?

I know I’ve always had difficulties drinking water and staying adequately hydrated to prevent head pain. Never have I been more aware of my water deficit until I’ve had to step outside and do anything. Groceries, taking the dog out, whatever. I’ve decided to invest and get myself a ridiculously large water bottle after realizing that I just don’t get enough water in me as it is. I need a water reminder if I’m gonna beat the heat, and what better way than a literal obstacle in my house. My forgetful nature will have to be put to the test this summer.

We’ll get through this

It seems like we’ve had many natural and unnatural disasters this past year. From a pandemic to frozen Texas, to wildfires to this. We’ve seen it all. Migraine never takes a break, so neither do we. We always keep up the fight for relief every day of the year, rain or shine. Just know you’re not alone and we’ll get through this heatwave as we’ve gotten through everything else. Gritting our teeth and sharing our collective experience here; among members.

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