Insomnia and Migraine

There are so many co-morbid conditions that are associated with migraine it boggles my mind. I feel that I am fortunate to be carrying only a few with me on my journey because I know of many others that have many more than me. I suffer from chronic migraine as well as chronic back pain and depression. I also suffer from insomnia.

I really struggle with insomnia even though I take medication to help me relax and fall asleep. Some nights that just doesn’t work for me. I end up either not sleeping at all or I can’t stay asleep.

I try so hard to sleep

I have tried supplementing my medication with melatonin and Benadryl, but they really don’t help at all. Many nights I lay awake trying my best to not look at the clock as it is just a reminder of how I’m not sleeping.

Many nights I spend walking around my house trying to be quiet as to not disturb the family members who are actually sleeping. I am jealous that they can sleep and I simply cannot fall asleep. I do feel tired. I yawn incessantly as I wait to be sufficiently exhausted to the point that I can finally fall asleep.

I spend a good deal of time reading when I can’t get to sleep. Normally that makes me tired, but apparently during my superhuman insomniac cycles that does not work. It’s not even that my mind is busy thinking of random things because I’m pretty good about being able to clear my mind. I have also tried using a meditation app to help me get into a place where I am being mindful of relaxing.

There have been times that I just stay awake well into the next day before I’m so exhausted that I simply must lay down. I will take a brief nap to try and get my body recharged, but even that can be a struggle sometimes.

Interrupted sleep is a migraine trigger

One of the worst things I often face is that interrupted sleep for me is a migraine trigger. Migraine attacks just wipe me out with a flu-like drain of my energy. You would think that would help me sleep!

Sometimes it does along with the abortive medication I take for an attack, but all too often I’m still sick in a state of restlessness. This leaves me to become a catnapper of sorts. I tend to nap throughout the days as my schedule permits. It’s far from an ideal way to live my life, but it’s the best that I can do at the time and I’m ok with that.

Moving forward guilt-free

It’s important to note that being ok with a new way of living life with migraine and its co-morbid conditions is just that, OK. There are far too many times when guilt will find its way into our thoughts, and that can be a dangerous thing for us migraineurs. It’s up to us to make peace with our illness and to know that it’s ok to have a bad few days, weeks, or even months.

We will get over those hurdles and those days will soon be behind us. We just need to find ways to live the life that has been given to us each day.


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