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Man wearing a mask karate kicks scent triggers like candles, trash, lemons, bleach

A Mask a Day Keeps My Triggers Away 

Living in a masked-up world has changed a lot of the way I conduct myself. Not only in a hygienic sense, I mean honestly my hands are so sterile I could eat on them. But rather, in a way, more comfortable being out there in a world of harmful triggers.

I’ve had such an on-again-off-again relationship with harsh smells. On one hand, I love the scent of lemon or lavender. It SLIGHT spurt can be nice and refreshing. Yet, in a heavy quantity, it will disarm my brain and fill it with the heavy familiar pain of migraine.

A ticking smelly time bomb

Wearing a mask has actually helped me get through a Yankee Candle! My girlfriend loves candles, and always ushers us to the closest scent prison every time we wander around our local mall. Every Lush and Bath & Body Works is a ticking time bomb that ravages itself through to the core of my brain. It doesn’t take long before those obnoxious smells get the best of me. Honestly, it does make me feel kinda bad. I want to be able to enjoy my time with my significant other without having to go home thanks to her love of smelly things.

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Self respect and self care are so important

I’m the kind of person who easily gets self-conscious of my hindrances. While moderating a comment on, I realized that I, myself, don’t stand up for myself as much as I recommend to others. I could say something here like, practicing what you preach is hard, that’s okay. But respecting myself is super important. How can I sit here and recommend strength to others when I’m still scared to make my girlfriend unhappy by not going to the mall?

Masks have helped dull the smell

Things changed after my nose was covered! Wearing masks has absolutely been something to get used to. I mean it fogs up my glasses and covers up my “chiseled chin” and “nasty attempts at a beard,” yes. But most importantly it covers my nose. I’ve found that any time I walk by an exceptionally bad smell, I can barely pick it up. It’s just a pathetic remnant of what it used to be! When the CDC recommended wearing two, I felt even safer walking in smelly spaces. No, I don’t go out looking for them. That would be like dancing in front of a hungry gorilla with bananas all over your body.

A small ounce of migraine relief

Since this realization (the masks, not the banana dance) I’ve taken to even wearing them inside on occasion. Whether it’s harsh aerosol sprays or my mom’s blackened dinners that fill the house with smoke, I’m always protected. We live in an unprecedented time of unknowingness and change. That being said, I’m thankful for this takeaway. I’m always looking for alternative everyday means of relief to help my migraine pain go away. Preventing triggers is a pillar of that foundation. Honestly, I can see myself keeping a mask with me for a long time. Why stop now if I can keep those nasty stinks away?

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