When the Migraine Glass is Almost Full

Last updated: November 2017

You may have seen the One-Minute Trigger Theory video we shared recently. I talk about how each trigger fills the glass more and when it overflows I get a migraine. Today let’s talk about how to use the theory in everyday life:


As you can see, the main strategy I employ is to mitigate as many factors as possible. But I do believe that is easier to do with occasional migraine attacks that are episodic in nature. When chronic or at higher frequency of attacks, I’ve often felt my glass is constantly full and one little thing can tip it off. It makes for a frustrating experience since few risks seem worth taking. I would love if you could share your frequency of migraine as well as how susceptible you feel you are to triggers. How does this affect your life, your work, and your time with friends and family?

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