A cruise ship floats on the waves surrounded by various items to pack for migraine.

My Cruise Packing Preparations

Making a list and checking it a million times.

When I prepare to take a trip, I am notorious for making lists. As I prepare to take my first-ever cruise, I started a list as soon as the trip was confirmed. This means I started making a travel list, months in advance.

How am I preparing for my cruise?

It may sound silly, but I instantly kicked into researcher mode. I have read so many articles about cruising and preparing for a cruise. I know that I am preparing for a vacation, not a test, but I want to be sure I do not forget anything that I will need.

What did I find on social media?

The first person I found to follow was a woman on TikTok. She shares all about cruising, including tried and true items. I was also able to find some cruise groups on Facebook. These groups range from a group created by the woman from TikTok to a group created by the cruise line, and even a specific group for everyone cruising on my specific trip.

Believe it or not, these accounts and groups have been extremely helpful. They have suggested bringing things I would probably have not thought about, including some basic pharmacy items.

What is on my migraine packing list?

My packing list looks more like an outline for a college essay. For example, I have a title such as shoes, then bullets under it for what kind of schools I need to be sure to pack.

How am I organizing my migraine medications?

As a person living with chronic migraine and other chronic health conditions. I have so many medications that I need to have access to. These medications include daily medications and those “as needed” prescriptions.

With a cruise, I have read that it is acceptable to travel with your daily pills in Sunday through Saturday pill containers. As with any travel, it is important to bring extra days’ worth, just in case. Additionally, it is highly recommended to place medications in a backpack that you keep with you instead of inside the suitcase that you check at the cruise terminal.

Which non-migraine medications am I bringing?

As my research progresses, I continue to add more medications to my medication list. I normally travel with what I take regularly and some tums. But I have seen multiple suggestions to bring other medications, such as medications for diarrhea, hangovers, and even colds.

What other migraine items will I pack?

From what I have read, it is useless to bring any ice packs that you may normally use. In the event of a migraine, your room steward could bring ice to your room though. Due to this, I am packing some empty Ziplock bags.

Also, cruise line approved power strips appear to be a must. This provides you with more than the standard two plugs, to charge any necessary devices. Personally, I do not use any of the migraine devices, but I do use a tens unit sometimes. I do plan to make sure that my tens unit has fresh batteries but I also plan to bring the plug for it, just in case.  Additionally, I plan to take my heating pad. Better safe than sorry!

Do you have any tips or tricks?

I have not stopped my research. I plan to continue researching until much closer to my trip. As my research continues, my packing list grows. I am very interested in learning about cruising with chronic health conditions.

Have you gone on a cruise while living with migraine? Do you have any tips or tricks?

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