A Shift In Weather and My Migraine Basket

I live in the midwest, which is known for its whiplash in weather changes, including warm and cold fronts. We had a pretty calm fall in terms of cold fronts, but when the first wave of winter hit, it hit hard.

I am a migraine patient that is definitely affected by the weather, and the more extreme it is, the more affected I am.

A migraine relief basket

For different medical reasons, I receive IV fluids consistently. While this helps keep me hydrated when I’m unable to drink a lot due to the nausea of my migraines, it’s not a fix-all. I try my best to be prepared, and having a “kit” of sorts set aside ahead of time helps with the time of onset, so I don’t. Have to stumble to grab things that help.

A thin cooling blanket

One of the things I keep in my basket is a thin cooling blanket I got online. I usually wrap this around my head to keep the top of my head cool and lay on it, so it also touches my chest. I tend to overheat when I have migraines, so this helps a lot. It also tends to keep ice packs and eye masks in place, so I’m not annoyed when my ice packs fall or my mask is out of place. I tend to get very short-tempered and annoyed when dealing with migraine symptoms, especially the more nauseous I am. I’m sure many of us can relate to that.

Cooling wraps

Another thing I keep within reach of my basket is cooling wraps kept in the refrigerator. They are reusable and can be flex wrapped around most body parts. These can be found in large stores or pharmacies.

Anti-nausea medication

I always keep a bottle of anti-nausea medication that doubles as an anti-emetic that is prescribed to me. I also keep my bottles of Zomig nasal spray in the basket as well. This is one of the biggest assets of my basket. I’ll also keep a bottle or two of an electrolyte drink if I can keep liquids down.

Fuzzy slipper socks

Another comfort item I keep in my basket is fuzzy slipper socks. Typically, I don’t cover up in blankets when I have a migraine, but I lay on them, as it’s more comfortable on my joints. I wear the socks to be warm enough, and sometimes I’ll wear the aloe-infused ones, so my feet are super soft - something to distract my mind from the head pain. Something else I’ll put in my basket is peppermints. Weirdly, they cool my throat down a little bit, even if I only suck on it a little bit. If it’s not peppermints, I’ll try to suck on some hard candy.

Noise canceling headphones

The last item I keep in my basket is noise-canceling headphones. These go under the cooling blanket I wrap around my head, neck, and chest. I’ve found these to be one of the most helpful objects, but only if I don’t have a migraine that makes my ears buzz. Then sometimes, they may not be the best option for me at that moment.

A basket at the ready

Living in Wisconsin, especially, I know how important it is to be prepared for a migraine, as time is sensitive when one suddenly wipes you off your feet. Having a basket of these recommended items may help you too.

I’m curious, what does our community do to prepare for onset migraines? Do you keep a kit together for when one hits, or are you prepared for when one randomly hits?

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