The (Virtual) Doctor Is In! Sharing Telehealth Experiences

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, telehealth is being used by more and more people. Telehealth is also sometimes called telemedicine or virtual care. Whether you have been using telehealth for a while, just tried it out, or have not used it yet – we want to hear from you!

Weigh in


Have you ever had a telehealth appointment?

How was your telehealth experience?


Was your appointment via phone or video?


If you have used telehealth, how was your experience?


Did you feel you were able to cover everything you had hoped?


Do you think you will continue using telehealth services after the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions are lifted?

If you have not used telehealth yet


What is the main reason you have not tried it?


After hearing about other people’s experiences, do you feel more likely to try telehealth?


Do you have all of the information you need on telehealth?

How does your experience compare to others in the community?

Do you have more questions about telehealth? Would you like to share your telehealth experience? Let us know by commenting below!

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