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Migraine: A Full-Time Job

Managing my life with chronic health conditions, such as chronic migraine, has become a full-time job. Between medications and doctor appointments, a lot of planning is required.

How do I manage my migraine treatments?

Unfortunately, I am on quite a few medications. I have a Word document that lists my medications, the dosages, and how frequently I take them. This is great to have for family members in the event that I am unconscious. That is a situation that occurred before when I was very sick with pneumonia.

How does my system help with refills?

This list is also helpful when it comes time to refill prescriptions. I have a hard time remembering all of them off the top of my head, so the list allows me to check them off one at a time when I call them in or when I receive them.

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While my pharmacy has been trying to autofill my prescriptions, they can forget some of them sometimes too. We are all human after all.  It is better to go off a list, to be sure I have received them all than to find out as I am filling my Sunday through Saturday pill containers.

How do I organize my daily medications?

As I just mentioned, I use a Sunday through Saturday pill container to manage my daily medications. On Monday, I sit down with my daily medications and put my pill container together for the week.

I use these containers because it is easier than opening all the medication bottles every day. Plus, for some of my medications, I take several of the same pills a day.

How do I organize my as needed treatments?

Due to chronic migraine and chronic pain conditions, I have a variety of as-needed medications. These are medications that are intended to be used when I need them, instead of daily. To keep all these organized and together, I keep them in a large makeup bag.

This is helpful because if I need someone to bring me these medications, they only need to grab the bag. I find this is much more helpful than trying to tell someone the specific medication that I need. Especially since I randomly suffer from aphasia.

How do I schedule my doctors' appointments?

Managing doctors' appointments is another task that requires too much memory for me to do without writing them down. I keep a paper in my purse that has all of my appointments written on it.

Prior to making any new appointments, I review this paper and my calendar. Through trial and error, I have learned to spread out my doctor’s appointments as much as possible. When I have too many in one week, it is overwhelming both mentally and physically. It can also be very draining financially.

How do I prepare for my appointments?

To prepare for my doctor’s appointments, I write down all my questions for the doctor ahead of time. I do not like to try to remember what I want to ask during the appointment. Additionally, I write down the name of any new medication that I may have started. Unfortunately, as my migraine condition continues, my brain fog gets worse.

Do you have any systems in place to manage your prescriptions and/or your doctor appointments? If so, we would love to hear about what works for you.

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