Proactive Planning and Pacing: Managing Chronic Migraine

When we experience migraine, it can be easy to respond to the condition in a reactive way. The pain arises, we react.

How can we manage chronic migraine?

However, with chronic migraine, it may help to consider putting migraine management first in life. While the disease doesn’t have to BE our lives, it can make a difference when we proactively plan our schedules around it and proactively pace ourselves each day in hopes of slowing its frequency and severity. In this video, Holly shares how she is embracing this approach in her life and ways it is working for her.

Does the idea of proactively planning and pacing your life around migraine sound feasible or of interest to you? While many of us don’t have the flexibility in our lives to slow our pace, perhaps there are ways we might consider scheduling smaller breaks throughout the day and ways we can reset to lower the chances of a flare-up. Let us hear your thoughts in the comment section below – we look forward to learning from you.

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