A woman has a furrowed brow with her hands on her head. There is a defensive game plan behind her shown as a series of x's and o's on a chalkboard.

Playing Defense Against Chronic Migraine

With chronic migraine, we frequently feel as if we are playing defense. Indeed, we can feel as if we are spending our days and lives chasing migraine pain and related symptoms. Even if we are employing prevention strategies and have good working relationships with our doctors, this dynamic can feel draining and defeating. In this video, Holly shares how she recently had to acknowledge this dynamic in her life and ultimately make peace with its presence.

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Do you feel like you spend too much time playing defense against migraine? How do you navigate this reality? Finding support can be key. Or, perhaps you are playing offense due to finding some treatment strategies that work well for you. We’d love to hear about your journey in the comment section below.

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